Hi, my names Carolyn, I am a ceramic sculpture artist based in Shropshire UK, but I like to call myself, ‘The Mother of Flower People’.

I have always loved art (top subject at school) and was a typical blue peter kid with toilet rolls and bottles.  But my main love as a kid was sculpting with playdoh and oloured salt dough my mother made me. At 13 my art teacher said my charcol freeze drawing was o level quality and I should go to London art college. This never happened and had no encouragement from home.

I ‘found’ clay as I call it as at the local college in the late 90’s where the tutors advised that I should go to Wolverhampton university and study ceramics. This advice I listened too but as I’ve also always loved computers and technology I decided to do a joint degree in Computer Science and Ceramics.  During my time at University I offered to demonstrate at Coalport China Museum which very quickly led to a job share with another demonstrator.  After uni I went into IT and my art was more of a hobbie except for my odd shifts at Coalport which I still do today.

My flower people came about one evening in November of 2013 by mistake. I shared one on social media and half my friends wanted to buy them.  So I created a Facebook page for them and they have been evolving ever since. I make them in the evening and have a number of stockists around the world.

I dream of having my own shop where I make and sell my art (not just flower people) and also run classes.   I would like to create a sort of drop in centre where folk can turn up, have a play with clay, I teach them my skills and sort of push it as an art therapy center.  I did run classes at coalport years ago and they were very successful with members saying how relaxed and de-stressed they felt during and after the class.  They all couldn’t wait for a Thursday night! I totally get this and believe art is a great way to distress.

Also I have two sons 17 and 25 whom I proudly brought up alone. Very well I might add.  I still work as a freelancer in digital marketing, and this art milarky is my kind of therapy. Welcome to my world of flower people. “Flower to the People!”